Betting: The two-bet on horse racing

In the area of combination bets, you will find the Exacta. Multiple bets, short combo bets are become popular. They can bring very high gains. There are two types of combo bets. First, there are combo bets that reduce the risk and thus achieve lower profits and the other providing guests combo bets that increase the risk in some cases. The latter can bring millions of dollars in profits with them. The two-bet is one of the combo bets that include a high risk. For this reason, professionals often ignore this type. Nevertheless, the exception proves the rule, as is well known. Some experts have the respective paths and thus generate large profits.

Below we will explain briefly what exactly behind the Exacta hides.

The Exacta is similar to the Trifecta or Superfecta. When Exacta you must select two favourites, sitting at the end of the race on the first and second place. It is not enough to know which of two horses will be between the first two places. An Exacta win, the order of the finish are also correctly predicted. As you can easily see, is for this form of betting a certain risk. Therefore, you are tempting odds offered.

The outright on horseracing

The classic Outright

The name says it all, you bet on the victory of the horse.

Outright with distance

Something of a handicap bet to win the horse – it does come with a certain distance to the target, so that the bet.


Even the name is self-explanatory – a bet on the placement of the horse on one of the front seats. Here, the number of places paid will depend on the number of starters in the field:

  • 0-3 – Only the first place will be paid
  • 4-7 – The first two places will be paid
  • 8-15 – The first three places will be paid
  • 16 + – The first 4 places will be paid

It is still important to note that this is not a firm policy – there are certainly races where with 16 starters are only 3 places paid. Then of course, you have to be careful, if the betting plans, but every bookmaker has the bet out how many places will be paid.